Transfer Application as provided under Section 22 B of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986-On the application of the complainant or of its own motion, the National Commission  may, at any stage of  the proceeding, in the interest of  justice, transfer any complaint pending before the District Commission of one  State to a District Commission of another State or before one State Commission to another State Commission, can be filed with the Registry of this Commission on all working days (Monday to Friday) between 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. at Ground  Floor, ‘Upbhokta Nyay Bhawan’,‘F’ Block, General Pool Office Complex, INA, New Delhi-110 023.Transfer Application must be supported by a Notarised attested affidavit with 1+1 sets (with File cover) + Number of Opposite Parties.The Transfer Application along with all the copies should be paginated and duly indexed in the following seriatim:-
1.  Index
2.  List of Dates
3.  Transfer Application with Notarised  attested affidavit
4.  Copy of complaint and appeal filed before forum below (All the Annexures must be attested as True Copy on the last
     page with name & signature)

Note :

1.  The documents shall be filed in English language only or translated copy of any other language, duly typed in double

     space on one side of the paper. If any supporting documents are not legible the same will not be accepted until clear

     legible/photo copies are filed.

2.  If the documents are not filed as per in the format mentioned above the same will be returned to the parties at the

     counter itself without acknowledgement and will only be registered after removing the defects

3.  After the issue of notice, any documents in a case, the same has to be served on the other side and 1+1 sets be filed

     with proof of service. No document will be accepted unless filed two days (working days) in advance from the date of


4.  Henceforth, the review petition/application for recalling of order will be listed before the bench by way of circulation in


5.  The counsel or the parties appearing in person are filing a common petition / appeal against common order passed by

     the State Commission in a bunch of appeals / complaints. It causes inconvenience to the Hon’ble Benches to decide

     the independent issues pertaining to each matter, such as award of different amounts to different parties, etc. Hence,

     the Hon’ble President is pleased to direct the parties / Counsel to file independent or separate appeals/revision

     petitions, against each appeal/complaint decided by the State Commission in the common order.

6.  No. of copies to be filed in the Commission 1+1 sets (with File cover) + Number of Opposite Parties. 

7.  Caveat Application filed in the Commission in Revision Petition and First Appeal has to be filed in 1+1 sets along

     with proof of service on Opposite Parties and also copy of order of the State Commission.

8.  Application for Certified copy of order must be made on Letter Head with signature & Rubber stamp by counsel with

      a statement that first free certified copy has not been received either by the party-in-person or their counsel.

9.  Duplicate certified copy shall be issued on payment basis as per Regulation with a clear endorsement that earlier first

     free certified copy was sent by post at the address of the party-in-person or to their Counsel/Authorized Representative.