Now you can get case status through call even if you don't have internet connection. The Confonet NCDRC IVRS service allows you to request for and receive information about case details of the cases filled in NCDRC. User have to just dial the unique IVRS number which is 01124300661 and follow the instructions.

Instruction for Confonet NCDRC Case Status(IVRS) Service:

  • To get the case status please dial 01124300661 either by landline or mobile.

  • Follow the steps as guided by voice response:

  • According to Case Number : Consumer have to pronounce exact case number given by Consumer Forum in the correct format e.g. CC/01/2016 --> Confirm the case number by saying 'Yes' then the voice response will generate the exact case details. User will get the following information of the Case: Date of Filing, Complainant Name, Respondent Name, Case Status (Case Stage and Date of Next Hearing).

  • According to Case Type: The user has to give the details of case according to case type. Then user will be asked to choose the following case type:

Case Type   Number
Consumer Case 1
Appeal Execution 2
Execution Revision Petition 3
First Appeal 4
Revision Petition 5
Execution Application 6
Caveat Case 7
Interlocutory Application 8
Transfer Application 9
Review Application 10
Miscellaneous Application 11


  • After choosing case type or case type number, pronounce the case serial number then, the case filing year (the year must be greater then 1990 and not exceed by current year). After getting the information, the details of the case will be generated.

  • To know the information about the case details again, there is an option of "REPEAT" by the voice response. If the user say REPEAT then the information about the case will be repeated again.

  • To get the information about another case, there is an option of "CASE NUMBER" by the voice response. If user say CASE NUMBER, and enter the case number then, the details of that case number will also generate.

  • To finish, there is an option of "EXIT" by the voice response. If the user say EXIT the process will be finished.

Note: This service is currently available for NCDRC only (Trial). For making calls, charges will be applicable as per your landline or mobile network provider policy.